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Tooth extractions are performed when a tooth is prepared for specific treatment or is damaged and can no longer be saved by practical repair. The procedure is defined as the removal of the tooth from the mouth. Tooth extraction is a one of the most fundamental of all dental procedures.

Though it’s not as glamorous as restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, tooth extraction is a necessary procedure that every dentist should be able to carry out efficiently and safely.

When is Tooth Extraction Needed?

The most common reasons for tooth extraction are the following scenarios:

Things to Tell to Your Dentist Before a Tooth Extraction

Extracting a tooth is often a very safe procedure without any issues and complications. On the other hand, just like any medical procedure, complications may arise under some conditions. Thus, it’s crucial to inform your dentist about all of the following:

  • The types of medicines you take and for what reason, particularly anything that acts as an anticoagulant.

  • Your medical history. This can include unrelated things, which are considered important, such as heart conditions, liver conditions or impaired immune system.

  • If you are suffering from dental phobia, especially with significant procedures like extractions

Don’t hesitate to ask your Glen Waverley dentist about any concerns you have. Your dentist should be able to answer all your questions and make you feel relaxed and comfortable before the procedure takes place.

About the Procedure

The procedure is made as painless as possible by using local anaesthetic. You will only feel minor discomfort when your dentist applies the anaesthesia. Your dentist or oral surgeon will be careful to protect your mouth during the treatment; thus they will make this part of the procedure as mild as possible. The anaesthetic will numb the whole site of the extraction so that the tooth removal will be painless.


Recovering from tooth extraction is easy and simple. However, your recovery will vary on the ease or severity of your procedure. The more complex your extraction procedure was, the longer the recovery you will have. Your dentist at EK Dental Surgery will guide you through all of the procedures. Even though some cases are difficult, you should not be worried about the recovery.

Your dentist will give you precise advice and instructions on how to take care of your mouth after the procedure. You need to follow the instructions diligently. By doing so, you will be able to recover from all pain and discomfort in one or two days, like most patients. After about a week, you can go back to your usual routine such as eating and drinking normally.

If you encounter any problems, you can go back to the dental clinic and your dentist will re-examine you. Your dentist will take any necessary steps to ensure your health and safety.

Tooth Extractions in Glen Waverley

If your case needs tooth extraction, it’s important to consult our experienced dental professionals at EK Dental Surgery. With procedures like tooth extraction, you have nothing to fear. We provide gentle and pain-free sedation methods to keep you comfortable throughout the treatment. Do you still have any questions or concerns about the tooth extraction procedure? Visit us here today at EK Dental Surgery in Glen Waverley.

Tooth Extractions in Glen Waverley

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