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Dental Crowns | EK Dental Surgery - Dentist Glen Waverley Dental crowns are versatile tooth restorations. The protective cap encases the entire visible portion of the tooth to improve its strength, size and appearance.

Crowns are used for broken or decayed teeth that can no longer fixed with dental fillings. Dental crown materials can be made of metal, full ceramic, or composite. The material used will depend on the reason you are getting the crown.

Dental Crown Procedure

Whether you decide on a dental crown for improving the shape and alignment of your teeth or for strengthening a tooth, the procedure for the treatment is the same. A dental crown requires only two appointments. The first appointment involves preparation of the tooth, and the second is for fitting the crown.

First visit:

  • Your dentist reshapes the tooth and takes an impression to create the crown.

  • A portion of the tooth will be removed for the crown to fit properly.

  • Your dentist will then use a special material to make an impression of the tooth.

  • The impression is sent to the lab and made into a permanent dental crown.

  • Your dentist will give you a temporary crown before sending you home to protect your tooth while the permanent crown is being fabricated.

Second visit:

  • Your permanent crown is ready.

  • Your dentist will remove the temporary crown.

  • The tooth is cleaned to remove the temporary cement

  • Your dentist fits the new crown and ensures that it fits properly and that you’re happy with the appearance.

  • The dental crown is cemented permanently in place using a special dental bonding agent.

Why Do You Need Dental Crowns

If you wonder if a dental crown is the right option for you, then you should consult a dental professional. Dental crowns can save a damaged tooth by placing a protective cap over the tooth. Aside from having a damaged tooth, there are several reasons that might require this tooth restoration:

  • A tooth needs to be reshaped

  • A big cavity needs to be filled

  • A dental bridge needs to be attached to fill in the gap where the teeth is missing

  • A tooth that has been treated with a root canal procedure and needs to be strengthened with crown

  • A tooth needs to be placed over a dental implant

  • A weakened tooth needs to be protected and reinforced to prevent breakage

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns offer several benefits. This tooth restoration is one of the most effective dental options to restore a tooth’s strength and appearance. Crowns protect your teeth from further decay, infection and breaking. They also have long-term durability. With dental crowns, you’ll also notice improvements with your chewing abilities and speech. Most of all, dental crowns gives you a more natural and healthier smile.

Crowns in Glen Waverley

To know more about the procedure and benefits of dental crowns visit Ek Dental Surgery. Your Glen Waverley dentist at Ek Dental Surgery will determine if you are an ideal candidate for the treatment. We provide strong, long-lasting and natural-looking crowns to give your smile the crowning glory it deserves.

Crowns in Glen Waverley

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