8 Ways Sugar Can Damage Your Health dentist glen waverley

8 Ways Sugar Can Damage Your Health

In 2011-12, Australians consumed over 100 grams of total sugars daily. More than half of this was free sugars (60 grams, equivalent to approximately 14 level teaspoons of white sugar), All that sugar doesn’t come from obvious sources like soda, cake and candy; instead it is “hidden” in other products, including condiments, salad dressings, breads and rolls, and processed, prepackaged foods (which are often bad for you on other accounts as well).

Nearly three-quarters of packaged foods sold in supermarkets contain significant amounts of sugar.

Doctors know that sugar is related to serious health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity, but did you know that sugar also acts as food for oral bacteria, leading to tooth decay? In turn, tooth decay harms your overall oral health, potentially leading to negative effects on your overall health as well.