Toothpaste Too Many Choices glen waverley dentist

Toothpaste: Too Many Choices?

When you walk into the toothpaste aisle the selection can be overwhelming, no longer is it as simple as gel or paste, spearmint or peppermint.

There are many types of toothpastes that claim to do certain things better than others. And, each one of those companies wants you to believe that they are producing better products than the other items they share shelf space with.

Meaning the marketing can sometimes get in the way of the important information on choosing which toothpaste is right for you.

A New Life With A Smile Makeover glen waverley dentist

A New Life With A Smile Makeover

Are there multiple things you do not like about your teeth or smile that you would like to fix, but you are uncertain where to begin? Do you avoid smiling in pictures or looking at yourself in a mirror? Are your teeth broken, discolored, or missing? Perhaps there only one or two minor things you would like to improve, but you know that if you did your smile would be perfect?

In real life very few people are lucky enough to have “perfect” smiles, and even if you were born with a perfect smile, the stress of life, and time, can have a negative effect.

Teeth chip, darken, move in your mouth, and even accidents can affect your teeth, mouth, and smile.

Tooth Bonding A Quick, Efficient Path To A Better Smile glen waverley dentist

Tooth Bonding – A Quick, Efficient Path To A Better Smile

While good manners dictate that you should not wear white on some occasions (another woman’s wedding, a funeral), a white smile is always appropriate! In some cases, we are not gifted with perfect teeth and cosmetic help is needed to acquire that shining white smile we all desire. Tooth bonding is one of the dental procedures that can help some patients achieve the smile of their dreams.

Before deciding if it’s appropriate for you, however, consider these questions about the procedure’s result: How long does tooth bonding last? Every dental procedure has its own lifespan, and it is important that patients are aware of that before they begin any treatment.

What is the Lifespan of a Dental Crown?

What is the Lifespan of a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns refer to tooth-shaped “caps” placed over teeth to restore their shape, size, and strength, and enhance their appearance. When cemented in place, crowns fully encase the whole portion of a tooth that is above the gum line.

Dental crowns can be extremely useful dental treatments, but they do come with some cost and time in the dentist’s chair. This is why one of the questions we often hear at EK Dental Surgery is, “How long can I expect my dental crown to last?”

The answer is that there is no single answer – A dentist simply can’t answer that question completely. However there is a range of lifespans for dental crowns that can be affected by the dentist you choose and the care you give to your crown after it is put in place.

Ease, Comfort, Appearance The Dental Implant Advantage

Ease, Comfort, Appearance: The Dental Implant Advantage

At EK Dental Surgery we don’t like saying the words, “That tooth has got to come out,” but sometimes we have to. And in some cases, patients come to us already missing a tooth. In cases like this dental implants should be considered as an option to replace a failing or missing tooth.

Dental implants are surgically implanted artificial teeth placed in the bone where the natural tooth originally was. An implant typically consists of a titanium alloy screw in place of a tooth root, with a dental crown placed on top to complete the procedure.

Together the screw and crown form a complete, permanent replacement tooth with almost the exact characteristics of a natural tooth.


4 Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time in a woman’s life. But even in the midst of that excitement, pregnant women should be sure to take care of their dental health. Dental health for a mother is related to dental and general health of their newborns.

The good news is that most routine treatment is safe during pregnancy, though during the first 3 months some procedures and medications are to be avoided.

One key step is to be certain your dentist knows you are pregnant before any treatment is recommended.

Good News For Kids- Child Dental Benefits Schedule Back For 2017! - glen waverley dentist

Good News For Kids: Child Dental Benefits Schedule Back For 2017!

Don’t miss out on the Government’s $1,000 dental benefit for eligible children! The Child Dental Benefits Schedule has been extended to 2017 to help safeguard the oral health and well-being of our children. Good health habits start early, and regular dental appointments and treatments are a key part of good health.

The CDBS is a government funded dental health program that provides approximately 3 million Australian children (aged 2 – 17) with access to a benefit cap of up to $1,000 for basic dental services over a consecutive two-year period.

EK Dental Surgery is happy to support all patients who are eligible for assistance under the CDBS. If you have any questions about the CDBS, please contact us on (03) 9887 8787!