Having The Right Smile For Valentine’s Day

Having The Right Smile For Valentine’s Day

When we prepare for Valentine’s Day most of us spend time on getting our clothes and hair ‘just right’ and not that much time on our smile.

But our smile is often the first thing people notice, and our loved ones see our smiles every day. Therefore it only makes sense, that on Valentine’s Day and around the year, we do whatever we can to make our smiles beautiful.

On this Valentines Day, EK Dental Surgery wants to work with you to make sure that your mouth is healthy and attractive, and your smile is bright!

Whiten and Brighten Your Smile

Teeth whitening is the No. 1 requested cosmetic service today. Although teeth are not really supposed to be bright white, no one wants their teeth to look like a row of corn.

There are several reasons for stained teeth. Food and drink, including tea and red wine are major staining culprits. Two chemicals found in tobacco also create stubborn stains: Tar and nicotine. Age can also be a factor. Over time, the outer enamel layer of gets thinner and more of the yellowish dentin shows through. Damage to the mouth and medications can also darken teeth