4 Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time in a woman’s life. But even in the midst of that excitement, pregnant women should be sure to take care of their dental health. Dental health for a mother is related to dental and general health of their newborns.

The good news is that most routine treatment is safe during pregnancy, though during the first 3 months some procedures and medications are to be avoided.

One key step is to be certain your dentist knows you are pregnant before any treatment is recommended.

5 Dental Health New Year’s Resolutions

5 Dental Health New Year’s Resolutions

It’s time of the year we think about what the New Year has in store for us, and what we would like to accomplish in 2017. New Year’s resolutions are an important part of welcoming in the New Year because they provide a direction to move forward.

While you surely have your personal resolutions, why not try adding some New Year resolutions for your teeth? Healthy teeth can lead to a better smile and overall better health.

Simple New Year’s Resolutions to Shape Up Your Smile

EK Dental Surgery encourages you to pick New Year’s resolutions that benefit your teeth and health. Below are eight great resolutions for oral health. Pick a few and practice them. Then let us know how you do!

Don’t Get ‘Stuck’ With Bad Dental Health This Holiday Season

Don’t Get ‘Stuck’ With Bad Dental Health This Holiday Season

Ah, the holiday season! Time to eat lots of sugar infused snacks and drink sugary beverages with our friends, coworkers, and family. Unfortunately, these snacks and beverages are bad for teeth and this makes dental care over the holidays something we should all take seriously.

The Destructive Role of Sugar

Sticky plaque is constantly forming on your teeth and gums. This plaque contains bacteria that feed on sugar and create acids that last for nearly 30 minutes. Those acids destroy tooth enamel over time, and as tooth enamel weakens the chances of poor dental health and cavities increases.

What Can You Do?

Working with the skilled professionals at EK Dental Surgery in Glen Waverley you can ensure your long-term oral and overall health survives the holidays. It only takes a little bit of thought, and it will bring you the best present of the season: healthy, attractive teeth.

Dentist Glen Waverley Tips: Don’t let December Damage your Dental Bliss

Don’t let December Damage your Dental Bliss

When the end of the year rolls around, events can conspire against maintaining good oral health on multiple levels: abundant sweet snacks and drinks, stress from constrained time, work, and family pressures, and lowered capacity to resist unhealthy compromises in our routines.

EK Dental Surgery in Glen Waverley hopes to have a positive influence on your oral health at the end of this year by offering you a few pieces of free advice. Sometimes, by just being a little more self-aware and thinking about things once or twice, we can improve our bahaviour in subtle ways that can benefit us.


How Eating Disorders Affect Your Oral Health

Tooth damage and gum disease can be the result of eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia.

A practicing anorexic person is depriving their body of vital nutrients needed for strong healthy bones. This can lead to osteoporosis and weaken bones that support the teeth and softening of tooth enamel.

Bulimics practice compulsive overeating and regurgitating. Acids from the stomach passing through the mouth rapidly damage to tooth surfaces which leads to discolouration and chipping.

Top 4 Amazing Benefits of Brushing and Flossing | Dentist Glen Waverley

Top 4 Amazing Benefits of Brushing and Flossing

Some people ignore the benefits of brushing and flossing. What they don’t know is that practicing these habits everyday could actually help them improve their health, boost their self-confidence, and save money from costly dental treatments.

Here are four amazing benefits of brushing and flossing that everyone should know:

Whiter teeth – brushing and flossing eliminates plaque build-up that results in tartar and stains. Brushing polishes your teeth surfaces, leaving them shiny and free of plaque build-up.

Fresh breath – no one likes to have bad breath. Brushing and flossing can eliminate the bacteria that cause foul mouth odour as well as tooth decay.


6 Ways Unhealthy Teeth Can Affect Your Health

1. Unhealthy teeth can affect your breathing

Gum disease increases the chances of getting respiratory infections such as COPD and pneumonia.

2. Your memory may suffer due to oral bacteria

Oral bacteria may spread to the brain and contribute to the type of degeneration linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Tooth loss can increase the risk of kidney disease

A study suggests that toothless adults may be more at risk of chronic kidney disease than dentate adults.