Don’t Get ‘Stuck’ With Bad Dental Health This Holiday Season

Don’t Get ‘Stuck’ With Bad Dental Health This Holiday Season

Ah, the holiday season! Time to eat lots of sugar infused snacks and drink sugary beverages with our friends, coworkers, and family. Unfortunately, these snacks and beverages are bad for teeth and this makes dental care over the holidays something we should all take seriously.

The Destructive Role of Sugar

Sticky plaque is constantly forming on your teeth and gums. This plaque contains bacteria that feed on sugar and create acids that last for nearly 30 minutes. Those acids destroy tooth enamel over time, and as tooth enamel weakens the chances of poor dental health and cavities increases.

What Can You Do?

Working with the skilled professionals at EK Dental Surgery in Glen Waverley you can ensure your long-term oral and overall health survives the holidays. It only takes a little bit of thought, and it will bring you the best present of the season: healthy, attractive teeth.