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Inlays and onlays are restorative dental treatments that rebuild a significant amount of tooth structure that has been damaged due to decay or trauma. They are also more conservative solutions than dental crowns because inlays/onlays require a minimal amount of tooth structure to be removed.

An inlay is a smaller restoration that treats decay within the cusps of the tooth, whereas an onlay is a bigger restoration and sits on top of the remaining structure of the tooth. Inlays and onlays can be constructed by using porcelain, gold or composite. If you are a good candidate, your dentist will determine which material is suitable for you.

Reasons for Getting Inlays/Onlays

  • Broken, fractured, decayed teeth

  • Repair fractured fillings

  • For larger fillings

  • For cosmetic purposes

The Procedure

The procedure requires two appointments. On the first visit, the tooth is prepared and on the second, your dentist will fit your inlay or onlay restoration.

First Appointment:

  • Impressions, called moulds, will be taken, as they will be used to create your custom inlay or onlay.

  • A temporary restoration is placed to protect your tooth while waiting for your permanent restoration.

  • The impression is sent to a dental laboratory where technicians will custom make the restoration, which will take up to two weeks.

Second Appointment:

  • The temporary restoration is removed and the tooth is cleaned

  • Your custom inlay or onlay will be carefully fitted

  • Your dentist will ensure that the restoration fits perfectly and your bite is comfortable

  • The restoration is then cemented into place.

The Benefits

Inlay and onlay restorations offer several benefits, and here are some of them. Treating the decay with inlays or onlays can help eliminate tooth sensitivity and eventual tooth loss. These restorations are also durable and are less likely to discolour over time than fillings and crowns. Inlays/onlays are also made from durable materials, providing additional strength to damaged teeth. Moreover, because they are custom-made, your treated tooth is easier to clean and bacteria cannot easily access the tooth after treatment.

Inlays and Onlays in Glen Waverley

If you want to restore your smile with inlays or onlays, visit us here at Ek Dental Surgery. Your Glen Waverley dentist uses the latest technology and finest materials to fabricate high-quality restorations, providing superior fit and aesthetics. In addition, we will also provide you with aftercare instructions so you can keep your restoration lasting longer. To learn more about the procedures and benefits of inlays and onlays, consult your Glen Waverley dentist at Ek Dental Surgery today.

Inlays and Onlays in Glen Waverley

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