Sports Mouthguards Glen Waverley

Mouthguards are protective equipment necessary for guarding your teeth and mouth against trauma during contact sports and other recreational activities.

They are made from a strong plastic material called EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. EVA can be easily moulded to fit precisely over you teeth and gums, providing you the right comfort and protection you need.

Why a Mouthguard is Essential

Sports Mouthguards | EK Dental Surgery - Dentist Glen Waverley If you engage in contact sports, you should not forgo wearing a mouthguard. This is one of the most important and most effective protective pieces to prevent injury to the mouth.

Aside from protecting your mouth, a mouthguard also cushion blows to the mouth or jaw, thereby preventing damage to the jaw or neck.

Though mouthguards are not required in all sports, their importance is indisputable.

Accidents can happen anytime, and wearing them during sports significantly decreases your risk of experiencing dental trauma.

No matter the sport, mouthguards must be part of every athlete’s gear. It’s one of the best ways to protect your smile and preserve its health.

Why Wear Custom-made Mouthguards

There are two types of mouthguards:

1. Ready-made – can be easily purchased at most sporting goods store. They are much less expensive compared to custom-made types. However, they provide less comfort and protection.

2. Custom-made – designed by your dental professional and made on a mould of your teeth. Because of this, the mouthguard causes very little interference with speaking or breathing. Custom-made ones provide the best protection and fit over orthodontic braces and fixed bridges.

The Benefits of Custom Made Mouthguards

  • Protects teeth from being fractured or knocked-out

  • Lowers the risk of concussion from lower jaw impacts

  • Very comfortable to wear; thus, it allows for natural breathing and speaking

  • Prevent jaw injuries by cushioning upper and lower jaw

Sports Mouthguards in Glen Waverley

Custom mouthguard provided by your Glen Waverley dentist can be a great way to protect your mouth and your smile while playing sports. Our custom-made mouthguards offer a comfortable fit and superior protection. At Ek Dental Surgery, we want you to literally “play it safe” by wearing our high-quality mouthguards. They can prevent serious dental injuries and save you a lot of pain.

Sports Mouthguards in Glen Waverley

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