Periodic Examination Glen Waverley

Periodic Examination | EK Dental Surgery - Glen Waverley Everyone knows that dental professionals examine the teeth for signs of tooth decay and other dental issues.

But their role doesn’t end there. Your dentist will also look for early signs of periodontal disease and oral cancer.

Patients that have good dental condition are often recommended to visit their dentist twice a year.

However, those who have gum disease or a weakened immune system may need to visit their dentist more often.

What Happens During the Periodic Examination

During your dental check-up, your dentist will take the time to get to know you and examine your dental needs in order to reach a complete understanding of your present oral health condition. In addition, your dentist will discuss any concerns or anxieties you may have to make you comfortable during check-ups.

Your dentist will first ask if you are experiencing any problems since your last dental visit and will take note of any new medication you may be taking. The periodic examination involves the following procedures:

  • Check for early signs of decay or breakages
  • Check for existing restorations
  • Examine gums for early signs of gum disease. Your dentist will use a probe, which is gently placed between your tooth and gum to determine the stage of disease.
  • Examine your tongue, throat, cheek and lips for indications of oral cancer
  • Evaluate your jaw joint and occlusions (bite)

X-rays are usually taken every two to three years. This includes two bitewing x-rays to check in between your back teeth for cavities.

If your dentist finds cavities or determines that your oral hygiene needs to be improved, they will create a treatment plan with an outline of work to be performed with the cost.

For necessary dental treatment, you will need to make an appointment with your dentist. In some cases, the dentist may refer you to other dental professionals who specialise in relevant areas of dentistry.

The Importance of Periodic Examination

With a comprehensive periodic examination, your dentist can manage small dental issues before they can develop into complicated problems.

Untreated cavities can develop rapidly and damage an entire tooth. If a cracked tooth is not discovered and fixed, it may break off. In addition, gum disease can advance if not detected and treated early.

Catching these dental issues early is crucial in controlling them – and this is the main goal of periodic examination and routine dental visit.

Periodic Examination Glen Waverley

In dentistry, it all begins with an initial comprehensive exam. Here, we can get a good close up view of your teeth, gums and the entire mouth.

Your Glen Waverley dentist at EK Dental Surgery will help you learn more about the treatments that can improve your smile and your oral health, preventing oral health disorders that can only decrease the quality of your life.

EK Dental Surgery is passionate about helping you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you have always dreamed about.


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Periodic Examination Glen Waverley

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