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Fluoride Treatment | EK Dental Surgery - Dentist Glen Waverley Just like calcium and phosphorous, fluoride is important in fighting tooth decay.

Fluoride is found in common foods and drinking water, and has been utilised for many years to strengthen teeth by preventing dental caries.

Tooth decay results from damaged tooth enamel caused by bacteria in the mouth.

If left untreated, this can result in the formation of holes in the teeth, also known as cavities.

How Fluoride Protects Your Teeth

Fluoride helps reinforce the teeth through a process called “remineralisation”. It’s a process wherein the mineral bonds to weakened spots of tooth enamel, the tooth’s hard outer surface. Fluoride speeds up the process of remineralisation. Moreover, fluoride disrupts acid production caused by bacteria and sugars in the mouth, helping to inhibit the process that gives rise to tooth decay.

Fluoride can work in two ways: topical fluoride treatment, which is performed by dental professionals; and systemic fluoride, which is found in most foods and community water supplies. Though fluoride can be gained in a systemic way, it’s highly recommended to get a more efficient source of fluoride through fluoride treatment from your dentist.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments are given to children who have some cavities or are susceptible to developing cavities. Adults who are also vulnerable to tooth decay can also benefit from the treatment.

Fluoride treatment is a simple process administered by your dentist or dental hygienist. It gives your teeth an opportunity to remineralise and increase the durability of the teeth to prevent tooth decay. The treatment requires only one appointment and is a vital part of preventive dentistry and your dental check-up.

To start the treatment, your dentist will:

  • Clean the teeth to remove any debris and staining.
  • Place a high concentrate fluoride foam or gel into an arched shape dental tray. The tray is inserted over your teeth and left for the required time.
  • (Alternatively) paint a fluoride varnish to the tooth surface.

After the treatment, nothing should be eaten or drunk for 30 minutes. This is to allow the fluoride to penetrate your teeth. Consistent fluoride treatment reverts the damaging effects of enamel erosion.

Fluoride Treatment in Glen Waverley

Fluoride treatment is a safe and effective dental procedure. In addition, your dentist will determine whether you are a good candidate for the treatment or not.

At Ek Dental Surgery, we use the latest dental technology and finest material to provide a quick, comfortable, and effective fluoride treatment.

Your Glen Waverley dentist will also provide you with comprehensive guidance in dental and oral care to keep your teeth decay-free for life.


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Fluoride Treatment in Glen Waverley

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