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Childrens Dentistry | EK Dental Surgery - Dentist Glen Waverley Taking care of your child’s oral health is important for the development of their permanent teeth in the future, that’s why children’s dentistry is crucial during this period.

Regular dental check-ups allow your children’s dentist Glen Waverley to take care of your child’s teeth by preventing the threat of tooth decay before it can cause pain and cavities.

At EK Dental Surgery, we enjoy seeing and treating children at the practice.

We understand that their teeth are more delicate and vulnerable than adults, and so we give them the best start to enjoy a healthy smile at an early age.

Dental visits also help your child to become familiarised with the surroundings and our dental staff, making them more relaxed during appointments.

The Check-up

During the check-up, the dentist will look at the teeth that have erupted and access the development of the jaw. They will look at the soft tissues, which involve the tongue, cheeks, lips and throat. Any cavities in the teeth will also be checked. As the child gets older, your dentist will evaluate how they bite together to determine if orthodontic treatments are necessary later on.

The dentist also provides advice on preventive care, which includes:

The Objectives of Children’s Dentistry

The oral health care of children is very much different from those with adults and elderly people. That’s why children’s dentistry was created and there is a demand for dental professionals who concentrate in this area. The main objective is always to prevent oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease. A skilled Glen Waverley dentist will recognise how to treat the delicate teeth of the child without harming any developing tooth.

Why Children’s Dentistry is Important

Early childhood caries or tooth decay is a prevalent disease in Australia. Tooth decay among children is five times more common than asthma and seven times more widespread than hay fever. Because tooth decay can result in pain and discomfort, a toothache can keep your child distracted from learning in school and enjoying their other activities. Thus, we recommend as early as 1 year old, children should have their first dental appointment.

A dental visit also helps the parents maintain their child’s healthy teeth and gums. Given that children are often uncomfortable visiting a dental clinic, it’s important that their first dental encounter is a positive and pleasant experience. You can do this by bringing your children with you to your appointments. In this way, they will develop a healthy attitude towards visiting the dentist and a good perception of dentistry.

Children’s Dentistry in Glen Waverley

At EK Dental Surgery, we make your child’s dental visits fun and exciting. Our friendly dental staff and doctors will cater to the needs of your child and improve their overall dental wellbeing by recommending the necessary treatments and at-home dental care tips. Having healthy and strong teeth at a young age is an excellent foundation for beautiful smiles that can last a lifetime; thus it’s important to schedule your child’s first dental visit as soon as their first tooth erupts.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Bulk Bill for children who are eligible for MEDICARE CHILD DENTAL BENEFITS SCHEDULE

Up to $1,013 worth of dental treatments over two years

Please call us to check eligibility and balance.

Children’s Dentistry in Glen Waverley

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