Bad Breath Dental Habits and Help From Your Dentist Glen Waverley

Bad Breath, Dental Habits, and Help From Your Dentist

Bad breath, called halitosis by doctor, can be the result of poor dental health habits and may also be a sign of general health problems. And it’s hard to say what’s worse—being aware you have bad breath, or suffering from bad breath and being unaware of it. Often, those who suffer from bad breath cannot smell it themselves!

Unfortunately, bad breath, or halitosis, can harm your intimate relationships, social life, and self esteem. At EK Dental Surgery, we can determine what is causing your bad breath and help you conquer it.

7 Daily Habits That Negatively Affect Teeth dentist glen waverley

7 Daily Habits That Negatively Affect Your Teeth

Learning how to take care of your teeth is a basic part of growing up, like learning to tie your shoes, recite the alphabet, or memorize multiplication tables.

You brush. You floss. You avoid sugary foods and you visit your EK Dental Surgery dentist regularly. Sometimes it seems as easy as A-B-C.

However, when it comes to our teeth, many of us still have a thing or two to learn, particularly about “unknown” bad habits that might threaten our teeth. Here are seven facts about your pearly whites that you might not know, even after all these years.