Why Wear Custom-Made Mouth Guards | Dentist Glen Waverley

Why Wear Custom-Made Mouth Guards

Physical activity is a key part of childhood (and is good for adults as well!), but the Australian Dental Association warns that playing sports without appropriate protection can be detrimental to teeth.

Estimates are that 20% of Australian children will suffer a dental trauma by age of 14, with much of the trauma occurring during sports activities.

This is why EK Dental Surgery strongly believes that mouth guards are an indispensible piece of athletic equipment for children, teens, and adults who take part in high-risk/high-contact team sports.

Is Your Child Safe from Baby Bottle Decay | Dentist Glen Waverley

Is Your Child Safe from Baby Bottle Decay?

When tooth decay occurs in infants, it is referred to as “baby bottle tooth decay” or “early childhood caries”. And this tooth decay is a more serious threat than it might at first seem.

As soon as your baby’s first tooth comes in, it is prone to cavities. And while these teeth are “temporary”, their condition can have very long term effects on dental health.

Temporary teeth create the space in the jaw for the adult teeth to come in correctly, if a baby tooth is lost, other teeth can slide into the empty space, making it difficult for permanent teeth to come in properly.

Dental History Legends and Misconceptions | Dentist Glen Waverley

Dental History, Legends & Misconceptions

Cultural Anthropologists and Archeologists are agreed that as long as humans have existed, dental issues have existed alongside them. Modern dentistry, as practiced by EK Dental Surgery, is now well researched, safe, and effective.

This is a change from history, in which dentistry was based on old wives’ tales, folklore, and a large amount of guesswork. Across the time dentistry has evolved it has also resulted in lengthy list of interesting achievements, odd accomplishments, and funny facts.

At EK Dental Surgery we’re taking time in this post to step back from the important work of keeping your oral health at tiptop levels to share some of the unusual and interesting aspects of dentistry, both through history and today. So, let’s take a look at some dental history.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last Dentist Glen Waverley

Dental Bonding: How Long Does It Last?

Do you suffer from chipped teeth or an unattractive gap between your front teeth that you are not happy with? Dental bonding may be just what the dentist ordered to repair these kinds of cosmetic issues. And at EK Dental Surgery, we are experts in applying dental bonding!

Before deciding if dental bonding is appropriate for your teeth, however, you should think about the procedure’s result including how long a tooth bonding can be expected to last.

Maximizing the Lifespan of your Dental Veneers | Dentist Glen Waverley

Maximising the Lifespan of your Dental Veneers

EK Dental Surgery often recommends porcelain veneers for patients who have chipped, damaged, or discolored teeth or teeth that are misaligned and not a fit for the Invisalign® treatment. Porcelain veneers can replace the visible portion of your teeth with a thin, tooth-colored layer.

Veneers have a lot of advantages. They can address a variety of concerns for patients with otherwise good dental health. They can transform your smile within only a few visits to our office.

With help from a knowledgeable, practiced dentist, veneers look and feel like natural teeth.

But if you are considering getting veneers, you may have one big question, “How long do veneers last, and what can I do to help?”

Amp Up Your Smile and Amp Up Your Confidence | Dentist Glen Waverley

Amp Up Your Smile & Amp Up Your Confidence

Despite the fact that we say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, appearances can mean a great deal. And one of the first things people notice about our appearances, are our smiles.

Having a damaged or incomplete smile can negatively impact a person’s self esteem, and along with that destroy their confidence. Missing, stained, or crooked teeth can lead to people not smiling at all as they are worried what others will think of their teeth.

The good news is that if you aren’t completely happy with your smile, EK Dental Surgery has treatments that can improve your smile and bolster your confidence.

Untreated Dental Infections Silent Threat Dentist Glen Waverley

Untreated Dental Infections – Silent Threat

Most of us consider dental problems to be relatively minor, just inconveniences. We do not expect them to be life-threatening conditions. And the good news is that in most cases dental issues are not immediate “life and death” issues.

But untreated dental infections can be one of these silent, but potentially fatal threats. Although they are relatively uncommon, serious bacterial infections resulting from dental diseases are still responsible for thousands of hospitalizations and dozens of deaths each year.

Pay No Gap in Glen Waverly

Pay No Gap in Glen Waverley

“No out of pocket expense!”

EK Dental Surgery treats its patients with a genuine belief that high-quality dental care should never be considered a luxury, but a service that everyone has access to.

Based on this belief, EK Dental Surgery is committed to being a dental practice that offers no less than the very best of modern dentistry at the most reasonable prices possible.

Because we believe so strongly in this approach, we offer new patients with “Pay No Gap for Exam, Scale and Clean, and Fluoride Treatment for Medibank and HCF members”.

Braces School And Your Children | Dentist Glen Waverly

Braces, School, And Your Children

It is that time again for kids and parents throughout Australia – going back to school. While this can be a wonderful time for kids, it can also be stressful for students who recently got braces.

In addition to wondering what other students might think or say about them, students returning to school with braces also have to make changes to their daily routine. These changes may seem ordinary and controllable when a youngster is at home, but they can be overwhelming at school, particularly during the first few days back.

Bad Breath Dental Habits and Help From Your Dentist Glen Waverley

Bad Breath, Dental Habits, and Help From Your Dentist

Bad breath, called halitosis by doctor, can be the result of poor dental health habits and may also be a sign of general health problems. And it’s hard to say what’s worse—being aware you have bad breath, or suffering from bad breath and being unaware of it. Often, those who suffer from bad breath cannot smell it themselves!

Unfortunately, bad breath, or halitosis, can harm your intimate relationships, social life, and self esteem. At EK Dental Surgery, we can determine what is causing your bad breath and help you conquer it.